About Me

As a Traditional Blacksmith and inventor for much of my life I’m well acquainted with most physical processes on our planet, this helps enormously in understanding and visualizing how physics and geophysics actually work. But I also thank my strange form of dyslexia for giving me the ability to view things from a totally different perspective than the norm.

In general and at present Scientists believe that earth cannot expand without gaining mass, but many years ago I came across a simple process that I am certain is allowing earth to expand without having to gain additional mass, but I shall come back for more of that  subject later as during my studies on it I stumbled upon another very simple process that I believe is causing Climate Change. So believing this to be much more important I concentrated on my climate studies for many years. I then put my crude work forward to just about every relevant person and university that I could but sadly without a single one of them viewing it, I even secured a place at one of the then deemed to be important universities covering Climate, the UEA (university of east Anglia Norfolk England), the problem I have with dyslexia was fully explained to them and help was supposed to come my way but didn’t, I do not think they realized the complexity of my particular type of dyslexia. Subsequently I failed miserably and left after about six months, this I’m sure was mostly due to my not understanding the conventional systems of math’s in the way they expected me to,  instead I used my own simple system that they could not understand themselves, I am also near deaf and have been from birth, this was not addressed at all so I missed most of what was going on around me. I remember at one time just before leaving being told that I was an idiot.

Soon after leaving my work was picked up by two lawyers friends one in New Jersey and one in Washington DC, and within a couple of days I was staying at the Hay Adams hotel opposite the white house in Washington DC and NDA’s had been drawn up to the value of 50 million dollars if any of the energy companies that were being approached were to disclose its contents. after eight weeks it became apparent that not one company’s would view my findings in fear of being responsible for a leak of information. So now I think its time to publish them myself. I have many more discoveries to follow in the near future.

Roy Masters, (not to be confused with the Roy Masters in the USA please).